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2020... Covid, Postponed Olympics and New Olympic Class for 2024

Well, I never thought 6 months ago I would have spent July and August in Weymouth making the most of a British summer! On the 24th March the news came in to everyone that the Olympics would be postponed until 2021. Honestly I didn't know what to think, I was upset , confused, and a whole mixture of emotions for a few days before I came to terms with it. For me, its another year to become a better windsurfer, person and athlete and thats how I try to see it.

Thrown in to all that now there is a New Olympic class for 2024, instead of the RSX which I will compete on in 2021 , in 2024 it will be a foiling windsurfer. Basically instead of being on the water we will be flying above the water with hydrofoils. I've been doing a bit of it this during summer in Weymouth, it is a lot of fun and something different alongside my RSX. It will be a whole new challenge after the Olympics, but for now I have to focus on 2021!

During the lockdown we had here in England I kept myself busy by doing a lot of fitness, cooking and dog walking. As well as A LOT of zoom calls!!! It's safe to say when Boris allowed us back on the water I was a very happy person! Since then I have spent pretty much every day on the water in some sort of water based activity!

I have been doing a bit of everything over the summer, training RSX, foil and winging (a new incredible sport) a big thank you to Fanatic & Duotone for helping me out with some kit to get me winging and enjoying this amazing new sport!

Winging it with my 4m Duotone wing and 4.8 Sky wing board

Also I have been very fortunate to have people come and sail RSX with me during this time, obviously most people are going foiling now to get ready for 2024 so for people to still come train with me on RSX its tricky to find but its been really nice that people are still willing to put me through my paces!! Especially the younger generation of British windsurfers coming through... watch out!!!

Boris Shaw (age 15) showing me how its done!!!

For now its pretty hard to plan but if Covid is nice to us I will try and get away for the Winter for some training and the next big competition (fingers crossed) is the European Championships in November. I will try to keep you a bit more updated this time via my website!! For more frequent updates follow me on

A big thank you to the people who currently make this all possible!


British Sailing team

Fanatic / Duotone / Ion

And finally if you want to help me out in anyway check out this page on my website or email me at

See you on the water!!!

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