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European and World Champs 2018

Last time I updated on here was just after competing in Marseille at the World Cup final, one of the toughest but also most rewarding competitions I have done to date.

The next competition after Marseille was my main one of the year, the World Championships in Aarhus, Denmark. I lived out in Aarhus for 1 month before the competition, sailing on the water and training in the gym, it was a pretty cool place! Leading in to the competition my aim was a top 15 finish, I said I would be very happy with that, but also, I love to Win so I was never gonna to just settle for that.

The first day of competing was about 15 knots offshore wind - which seemed to be more and more common in this Danish summer! Somehow, I won the first race from start to finish, and it was also live on youtube that day - I just did it for the cameras ;). Over the next few days we had 3 races a day with a rest day in the middle for 5 days. Every race was a fight, and my plan was to never give up and try as hard as possible. It seemed to work out, as going in to the final race (medal race - which is double points and only for the top 10 competitors) I was lying in 4th Position. With anything from 2nd place to 7th up for grabs. To be honest I was super happy already with this and to compete in the medal race at the world champs doesn't happen very often!

Again as it was live on TV I was leading the whole race until the last downwind where 2 people overtook me, as much as I knew that if those 2 girls hadn't overtook me I would be on the podium I also knew that if someone said I wold come 4th at the World Champs at the start of this year, I would have been overjoyed!! So after 5 minuted of feeling a bit pissed off, I was super happy and enjoyed an amazing pizza that evening!!

The next day we drove on to Poland where the European Championships were to be held just 1 week later, I was never sure if I would do this competition or not but my brother was doing it and my family were going so I was going to go anyway whether I competed or not. In the end my competitive self knew I couldn't just watch a competition pass by like that and I entered.

After 5 days of tight racing I was 3rd very close to 2nd before the final race but could also drop down to 5th. The medal race was super tight and light winds. I managed to finish 3rd in the race which meant I finished 3rd overall. My first ever medal at a senior event. An amazing feeling - one I won't forget for a very long time.

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