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UK Windsurfer of the year and Starting the season at Miami World Cup..

Hello! So January is nearly over - I can't quite believe it! I have just arrived back from Miami where the first World cup of 2018 was held.....

After a really nice break over Christmas spent at home with my family I couldn't wait to get back on the water! I flew out to Miami 10 days before the competition so I could get back on the board and get some solid training in. It was great training in warm weather and lots of other girls from different countries to sail with!

Whilst I was out in Miami, I was told that I had won the UK windsurfer of the year award, an award which many of the top, most successful windsurfers in the UK have won before which is voted for by the public. I am really grateful for anyone who voted for me, so thank you!!!

Back in Miami and I was getting ready for the first competition of the year, we did a small regatta organised by the coaches a few days before, which wasn't the best results wise, but I learnt a load - and as they always say you learn the most in your losses not your victories!!

After 10 days of training I felt ready for the regatta. The first day was very light winds all day with the boys trying to go out for 1 race but it was abandoned and they were sent back ashore. Finally after all day waiting the girls were sent out for 1 race just as the sun was setting. The wind was super light which made the race very physical, I had a really good race finishing in 6th place which was a nice way to start the competition.

The next day we had 3 races in around 7-10 knots, I had some really good moments during the races, (rounding the top mark in the top 10 several times), but I seemed to struggle to hold it together, I ended up getting a 20, 12, 24. I would be lying if I said I was happy about the day but I learnt a load about where I need to improve and what I can take in to my winter training - so it was a good day really ;)

On the 3rd day of racing the girls were sent out after the boys, in the afternoon, with the wind increasing when we got to the race course it was an amazing 20-22 knots with small chop/ waves making some great racing! I had some amazing starts which I was super happy with, in first race I got a 5th, which was great, in the next 2 races of they day I got 2 x 13th places which was good but I knew I could of done better. Anyway, I was super happy with my starts from that day as that was something I had been/always am ;) working on!!!!

On the 4th and final day before the Medal races (only for top 10) the forecast was for even more breeze than the day before!! Unfortunately the racing was cancelled for all classes as it was too windy. Therefore the top 10 from that day would go in to the Medal races. After my pretty good day the day before I had just made the medal race in 10th position - I was happy and excited to able to compete in another senior Medal race!!

The Medal race was pretty breezy with around 20-24 knots on the course and 25 degrees! I was excited and wanted to give everything as I had nothing to lose! We were trying out a different course where there was a reaching start, (normally we do upwind starts). So it was all a bit different but I think it makes it more exciting! I had an ok start - not amazing, but I was still in the race, around 5th/6th with everyone super close! As I went downwind, at speeds around 20 knots I hit something in the water and stopped dead, I am still not sure what it was, some rubbish or some weed in the water. Anyway I couldn't move anywhere and had to tack around to get it off my fin - not exactly the fastest thing to do! After that I was just trying to play catch up, I caught up but only managed to finish 9th. I was pretty disappointed but still super happy to make the medal race and sail in 25 knots without freezing my hands and feet off!!!!

Now I have 5 days at home before I travel to Cadiz for a big block of training and a little race at the end of the month! I'm excited to get out there and keep improving!! Thank you, to everyone for supporting me and thanks to Sailing Energy for all the great photos!!!

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