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About Me

about me

I am 24 years old competing for Great Britain in the Olympic Windsurfing Class. 


I started windsurfing when I was around 7 but wasn't that keen on it - I preferred to eat ice cream and play on the beach!! I was always into every sport going and was fascinating by the Olympics after watching it on TV.


 When I was around 10 , my older brother Dan started competing and I decided I would try it. At the start I was too nervous to race, I just joined in with some of the training. Still, I was selected for the RYA Zone squad and from there I really got in to it, and loved the challenge!


In 2011 I won the Junior World Championships and that showed me that actually maybe I could be really good at this! From there I became 3 x Youth World champion and just last year I was selected for the Olympic games - A dream come true!


In October 2019 I was selected after a tough 2 year selection process to be the Female representative at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. 

In 2021 I won an Olympic Bronze medal, equal with silver and two points from the gold medal. Only the second female in Great Britain to have won a windsurfing medal. Now I determined to go back and try win another medal!!

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