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How can you help?

None of this would have been possible without the support I have had in the past from some very generous people and companies, its unfortunately a very expensive sport and despite getting some money from uk sport , its still incredible hard to afford the equipment needed to be at the highest level. If you think you could help or know someone who would like to help please get in touch. 


want to become a sponsor?

Luckily for Windsurfing, we have a large sail similar to a billboard which is great for advertising sponsors logos.

I also have areas on my wetsuits and clothing I can advertise sponsors on.

I work hard with my social media posts and have a naturally healthy, successful, and sporty image so I am easy to be associated with.

I keep an area on my board for family and friends sponsorship areas that I advertise through Crowdfunding. These spots are for people who can't afford to give me a lot of money but help me by following and supporting me through all of the ups and downs of international sport.


My brother and I give talks about our careers and the ups and downs and can help promote your company through these.

Please contact me via email, or on any of my social media pages.

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